The Come Up

Eric has always been a big idea kind of guy.

  Eric and his pup, Tonto. 

Eric and his pup, Tonto. 

He once made me star in his commercial for a veggie hot dog company that he made with his buddy. The company never took off, but the jokes about me haven't slowed down fifteen years later. 

His friends and family are always the first pass at every new idea. A sanity check that normally proves him insane. Usually he gets a residual "I don't know man, that sounds kinda stupid", "dude you're a couple years late on that, it's already a thing", or even the occasional "what the f*%k are you saying right now". But, as with every great idea guy, the ideas never stopped flowing. And sure enough, one day he landed something that a few of us could jibe with. Something that sounded functional and well thought out. Something we would actually want to see be made.

The difference this time was that this idea was born from the desire to solve a problem. One that he had. One that every guy has from time to time. He was tired of being uncomfortable in his board shorts. Plain and simple. We are active people who love the water, and when our days started to look like this: surf->coffee->volleyball->burrito->surf->bar->bed --- Eric knew we needed a better board short to keep up. So, he took the plunge and started researching and developing what we now have today: Board Breefs. 

  The original sketch that created Board Breefs.

The original sketch that created Board Breefs.

Fast forward a couple months and he had a design. Flash forward a couple more and he had his first prototype. After a year of work he had a solid product... and a problem. He had a lot more work to do, and no one to help. He hit a point where he knew he needed to bring in someone to pick up some tasks and bounce ideas off of. So, what does every decent entrepreneur do? Calls their younger bro. At 3 AM. Then, again. And again. And when I didn't answer (cause I was sleeping like a normal human) - the text came. And multiple thumb scrolling ultimatum that ended with "are you in or out?"

I was in. The partnership was born. Give it 6 months, one move across the country, countless design revisions, stupid marketing ideas, and a whole lot of winging later - and we had successfully raised over $17,000 on Kickstarter. Our success so far has allowed us to enter production with the same producer as some of the industry giants, develop new designs for future products, and give the world what it needed. A better board short. Plain and simple. 

The road is long ahead - but we are excited for the journey. Thanks to everyone so far. And thanks for reading. Now get outside and go do something. 

Stay stoked,

Greg Hopkins, VP Board Breefs